Girl, Wash Your Face (Audiobook) by Rachel Hollis

Rachael Hollis is not just an author. She is the CEO of a media company and the founder of Her new book is one that inspires and challenges anyone who feels life is too difficult to cope with. She provides insights on her own personal life and the troubles she has gone through while trying to make a better living for herself.

In the book, she writes about the 20 lies and delusion that has held back many people from living a purpose-filled life. They are revelations that will certainly help to convince many about the wrong life misconceptions they’ve held for a long time in their life.

This expository novel is quite different from Party Girl, another novel by Rachael. She tells the story about herself. With fearless humor and painful honesty, Rachael unleashes the falsehood that has constantly left her feeling unworthy and overwhelmed at one stage in her life.

She explains how she manages to wriggle herself out from the lies about the life she made been made to believe.  In the book, she reveals how she was able to get past that burden in her life. She also explains, in a succinct and clear manner, how anyone passing through the same fate can take the necessary steps to live a happy and fulfilled life.

In most books where the author is still the narrator, there seems to be something missing in terms of voice and diction. But that is not the case in this one. Rachael, as the narrator of her own life experiences, gave the book exactly the tone and diction it needs.

It’s an awe-inspiring book that teaches a lot of lessons on the best way to remain joyous and happy throughout your life. The book has affected a lot of people after reading it. The message and strategies mentioned in the book are practical and doable. Overall, the author’s voice, along with the message, has sprinkled some magic on the entire section of the book.

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