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Golem Girl A Memoir is a beautiful book by author Riva Lehrer.
The vividly illustrated, vividly illustrated memoir of an artist with a birth defect who is searching for freedom and connection in a society fearful of strange bodies.
Golem Girl is a poignant portrait of the artist as a young – and adult – social history of disability over the past six decades; and a hymn to life, love, family and spirit.
What do we sacrifice in pursuit of normality?

Can we envision a world that can see creatures that can’t?
Everything changed when, as an adult, Riva was invited to join a group of artists, writers, and performers who were building a Culture of People with Disabilities. Their work is bold, edgy, funny, and dark – it disproves the gimmicks that define people with disabilities as pathetic, scary, or worthless. They emphasize that disability is an opportunity for creativity and resistance. Encouraged, Riva asked if she could paint their portraits – inventing a collaborative and intimate process that would transform the way she sees herself, others, and the world.

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