Gone for Good

Gone for Good is a thriller novel by favorite author Harlan Coben. This is a New York Times bestseller. Conan unfolds a haunting tale of secrets and betrayal with the man’s search for his missing brother turned killer. This is the love of the Will brothers, between family members.

Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: Gone for Good audiobook by Ted

Coben Can REEEEELY Tell A Story

More twists than spiral staircase, yet the all lead to a well plotted end. The characters are interesting and even tug at heart strings at times. If you’re looking for a nice gym/pool/driving listen that will entertain you throughout…. This will do it. This was my first Harlen Coben. I’ll listen to another, especially if it’s read by Jonathan Marosz.

Review 2: Gone for Good audiobook by Tracy

Very interesting book

The book keeps your interest and is a first rate mystery. Maybe too many twists, but put your analytical magnifying glass aside and its a great story.
(unfortunately no Myron Bolitar!)

Review 3: Gone for Good audiobook by Ed

Excellent twists and turns

Don’t really understand the few negative customer reviews this book received. This is the third Coben book I’ve listened to and they keep getting better. I had one of the major twists figured out about three quarters of the way through the listen (the final twist) but the other twist surprised me. Coben created some really evil characters in this book. Or did he? That’s all I can say about it without providing a spoiler. Also, I found the narration right on. The reviewer who complained of an indistinguishable monotone throughout must have listened to another book. Marosz didn’t have extreme variations in tone, but you certainly knew when certain characters (John, e.g.) were speaking. I can’t wait until if and when Audible gets the audio problems with another of Coben’s books (Just One Look) ironed out so I can download and listen to that one. Spend a credit on Gone for Good. It’s definitely worth the listen.

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