Good Poems by Garrison Keillor

Good Poems curated by Garrison Keillo. The book was written by Emily Dickinson, Walt Whitman, Robert Frost, Charles Bukowski, Billy Collins, Robert Bly, Sharon Olds, Garrison Keillor. Good poems include poems about lovers, children, failure, everyday life, death and transcendence. The poems are read by Keillor and several of the poets in the anthology. Some are wise and funny, some are gentle or heartwarming. All were chosen for their intelligence, straightforwardness, passion, and in Keillor’s words, they were absolutely clear in the face of everything else.

Here are some comments from readers to better understand this good audiobooks:

This book is amazing. This is a great poetry anthology for those discovering poetry for the first time or rediscovering poetry after a bad English experience in high school. The poems in this volume are all quite accessible.

Keillor has chosen his poems from the past as well as the present but with a selection geared towards contemporary poets. All poems by Raymond Carver and Charles Bukowski are titled “Poems Read at 3 AM” by Donald Justice, “He Wishes for the Heaven” by Yeats, “Sonnet XLIII” by Millay, “The Music One” Look Back On” by Stephen Dobyns and “Bison Crossing Near Mt. Rushmore” by May Swenson are some of my very favorites in this thick episode.

There are a few minor errors in the book. Keillor left behind biographies of Robert Kinsley and H. W. Longfellow. And one poem – “Sir Patrick Spens” – in “Good Poems” is much shorter than in another collection of poems I have.
I can highly recommend this collection of poems. Be sure to read the bio as you continue; they provide useful stories for what you are reading.

02- I read this collection many years ago. I don’t know what triggers the memory but I always enjoy listening to Garrison Keillor on NPR read poetry. I will hear his voice in my head as I read these wonderful poems.

03- This book opened a door for me and I am grateful for that. Other reviewers say it’s not a collection for connoisseurs. Keillor’s introduction is an interesting and rewarding read, he has always done a great job of bringing “culture” to the masses. He did an admirable job of explaining why poetry can be appreciated by ANYONE.

This book introduces many poets such as Emily Dickinson, Howard Nemerov, Yeats, Billy Collins and many more. Keillor draws the line between the sophist and the commonplace with wit and humility.

03- Mr. Keillor includes many poets here, many of whom I did not know before. Keillor was clearly guided by the time constraints of his radio program because the poems had to be short.
Although Mr. Keillor would not be pleased with the lengthy writing, suffice it to say, as the British would say, that the book was thoroughly “lovely”. Mr. Keillor, is one of those Americans who make me happy when I live here. Didn’t you say it best in one of your essays, seeing the firelight of other gentle people?

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