Harley Merlin 15: Finch Merlin and the Everlasting Vow

Harley Merlin 15: Finch Merlin and the Everlasting Vow is the 15th book in the Harley Merlin Series by author Bella Forrest. Finch wants revenge after a powerful force to make him a pawn in their game. Necromancers and demigods are working together to get Finch out of the fray. Finch is preparing a perfect plan to fight the cruel enemy.

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Harley Merlin 15
Finch Merlin and the Everlasting vow
Written by Bella Forrest
Chapter one
I stared into the mirror in Kaya’s bedroom
A dead man walking stared back
But he wasn’t done yet
Oh no
Fire glinted in his eyes
The ghost of old Finch reared up
Stretching out those sweet muscles of Deceit
Which hadn’t been used in a long time
At least I’m in a pretty cage
I muttered to my reflection
Minimalist gray and white furniture surrounded me
Not exactly Versailles with a sparsely Candace only adding to the prison Vybz
All right now
Miss so many people planning to skewer me if I slept up this was the safest place I could be
Under kaia’s protection in behind a locked door
I can’t marry her
I love Ryan
I couldn’t live with myself if I ended up at the end of an aisle the wrong woman standing in front of me
I started pacing across the endless floor
The new Muppet babies were probably still in that fancy room wondering what happened
Feed stood between me and Erebus
Ready to give everything to save me
That only fueled My Fire
I’d return the favor when I could
As long as I pretended to behave they be okay
I’d already convinced myself of that while pushing back a tidal wave of worried
Hell I even spare too worried. For my gargoyle
Who are likely misting around in one of those bestiary orbs
Lux wanted me to marry Kaya solely to get revenge on her Wayward husband
Hi I wanted to marry me for the same reason as well as some crap about doing what was best for her people
David wanted me in the sudorese so that his daughter would have more options
And everyone’s okay with that
I wish depalo hadn’t been arrested for attempted murder
But the whole situation stank
Fishy and rotten
I didn’t know the guy well but he hadn’t seemed like the kind of do dude arrange a knife and Kaya’s heart
I know if I could easily be traced back to him
Big old salmon stands there
Maybe it was because we were underwater maybe was just my dubious feelings about supposedly utopians
Atlantis reached right now
And if Apollo wasn’t The Mastermind behind the assassination attempt
Then the killer could still be on the loose
A killer
Who my gun video their suitors now that they got an Apollo out of the picture
I groaned and pause my pacing
It’s where the chaos the last thing I need right now is another person trying to off me
This plane is full
I just started some lioness and prowling to get my thoughts in order
When the door open then my wannabe bride strolled in
I thought you would be asleep
Guy looks surprised if you need wandering around for some reason it was only early evening
I gave her my best withering stare
What you thought I just snuggle up in your bed with all this going on
Or did you think I doze off and wake up with a total change of heart
You seem too tired that is all
There’s no need for Unnecessary snark
Rolled her eyes and gestured for a scurrying little servant to come in
Who said it was unnecessary
I shot back
Just because you’ve married me in a courtship trap I couldn’t immediately wriggle out of didn’t mean she would get a softer more Amino
Ignored me across the room
There she stepped out onto the Terrace
For the servant hurry to set a tray of food and a pewter pitcher
The poor guy looks like he was trying to beat his personal record
But everything laid out and history before rushing from the room
The door clicked shut with a quiet
The threatening lock
It wasn’t a request
I’d apparently morph into in the balmy Atlantean glow up
Homemade few hours of gone by then she brought me to a room but it felt like weeks
Can you turn it to your something so I can at least feel like a hostage
I said opposite her and I the tasty smorgasbord
As it turned out all this stress it made me instantly hungry
Chuckle as he gazed out over the city
There is no need
Yes the multitude of hexes you slathered on this place
Assange back knowing it would be bad form to start gelling down before the princess did
They are necessary
He replied
You know since you keep saying that I feel like I should buy you a thesaurus
It might give you another word for necessary
Perfect smile to walk the tightrope between a reverend and rude
She shook her head with and of a smile
Then I should say it is for your benefit
The hexes will keep you safe and prevent any of the suitors that were those who wish you harm
From entering or trying to toys with the door windows
Including Davin and Arab
A security measure that should have comforted me but instead left a sour taste in my mouth
The Tang of incarceration
Gussied up to look like hospitality
Cuz I had really done a number on our quarters since bringing me here installing all kinds of magical reinforcements
Of course I hadn’t been given any kind of key to exit at my leisure
Additionally secured and locked again with no spare key for little ol me
But I was nowhere near defeated
I had an ace up my sleeve
When you could shape-shift the way I could
But to use that honed skill which chi I know nothing about
I needed outside help
My friends
Which begs the question of how to get them here
So that I could put a plan into action
Any sign of my two biggest fans
I thought they’d be scratching at the door desperate for an autograph
I think it’s wise of an Atlantean favorite
Gray toned laverbread
Just as Chi Apopka greenberry into her mouth
Bread listen with their version of salted butter
All thick and creamy and delicious
It had a subtle hint of the sea
But so did everything else down here
I devoured the whole thing is if I hadn’t eaten in a month
Before going back for seconds
Caillou eat another swollen greenberry
Somewhere between a grape and a gooseberry
They are crawling around as I expected
To laugh sharply
It is rather amusing and Truth
How desperate they are to find you
I’ve never seen Erebus so incensed
I bet you’re just loving that aren’t you
I mumbled with my mouth full spitting crumbs
Manners for me
She narrowed her eyes
That’s the Crux of all this isn’t it
I swallowed bread the chunk almost lodging in my throat
You get to sit back and enjoy your old flame getting jealous and angry at my expense
Frankly it’s ridiculous
You’ve already shanghaied me into being your Suitor and using me to make jazz in Erebus
Even though it’s putting my life on the line
You clearly still have feelings for him
You can be rather intolerable at times do you know that
Guy asked if Lee
I picked up another slice of that tasty Umami Chingling bread
I’m aware
How many times must I reiterate the point Finch
What can I say I had that effect on women
There is more to my decision than inciting Erebus is jealousy
A great deal more
Chaos brought you to my city for a reason
Have you convinced yourself yet
Like aspirin knowing look
I need not convince myself when I’m already certain
She didn’t take the bait
If at first I was tempted to consider Erebus
I can no longer justify prioritizing my own feelings
The greatness and continued greatness of Atlantis is much too important
And you
Are a vital part of seeing it persist and its excellence
Amberlynn sharing my Throne will be a miracle if ever I heard of one
Complain no hadn’t worked
Maybe she’d respond better to a more subtle approach
Though I’ve never been my strong suit
Okay fine
I agree to marry you so Atlantis is greatness and all my juicy Merlin blood-kin prevail
Will you keep me locked up here forever
Not letting me see anyone
I had a touch of sadness to my phone
This imprisonment thing doesn’t work for me
Been there done that
Drove myself nuts
I need freedom
Or I’ll scribble up like a potato forgotten in the back of a cupboard
It’s not right
And it’s definitely not good for me to be locked up
Hi I rolled one of the berries around in the palm of your hand
Until our engagement is announced he will not leave this room
For your own safety
She met my eyes with a Steely regality
Only ones valves and rings have been exchanged will you regain your freedom to move around the palace and City however you please
Because of Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dumber
Beef round
Erebus and Davon
She nodded in understanding
At a minimum yes
You think other people might be after me
I pried a little hoping to strike gold
Apollo is in prison


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