The book starts with the description of Harry who is not a kid anymore. The young Harry stands up against the injustice of his uncle and aunt. He not only shows his authority but also the independent decision making ability because of which he leaves the house on his own will and sits in a bus that provides him the news of the first ever escaped prisoner of Azkaban who is coming for Harry sooner or later as he possesses a secret past connection with the boy and his family.

Sirius Black is considered as a murderer in the wizarding world and is known for his relation with the dark lord whom he is supposed to serve right from the very beginning. The school faces the threats of the Dementors, the evil creatures that haunt the school and claim the souls of anyone who stands in the path.

The chapter proves to be an amalgam of past and present and Harry along with his friend visits the past to set a plan for the escape of Sirius Black because the things are never what they first appear to be in the world of magic and evil.

The omen of death for Harry really proves to be turning point of the whole series as J.K Rowling gives us hint of what is in store for the future parts and also after this prediction the series becomes more serious the child fiction is not there anymore.

We can enjoy the book even more if we read it with the first two parts that have the explanation related to all the happenings, the first and second chapter  Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Book 1 and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Book 2  also are worth reading especially if you want to see the emergence of a hero out of the ordinary. Jim Dale is once again there with the job of a narrator and it was the right thing to do as up till know the readers have developed a relation with the narrator.  

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