Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Book 1 by J.K. Rowling (audiobook)

The magic world of J.K Rowling surely grips you firmly and then it never lets you go. The book not only takes us to the wizarding world but it also tells us about the life of an innocent child who is pure at heart and has never thought of doing wrong to anyone whether it’s a human being or any other living creature even the scary one.

The boy is left on the door of his aunt who never loves him like his own child; she even hates his mother who was once quite nice to her. He lives the life of an ordinary child but still every now and then strange things happen to him that shows that he is one of the rare ones and then finally he gets the letter from Hogwarts for his first year at the Wizarding School.

The chapters of Harry’s life open slowly in one part and then the other. The more we know about the past of the famous Harry Potter the more mysterious the series becomes as the evil starts becoming visible in front of our eyes, the evil that has always lurked on the life and soul of this orphan boy.

The scenes are described in a beautiful and complete way also the writer has added such details that the whole magic world appears in front of our eyes as real as it could be.

The book can be read along with the other parts of the same series like Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Book 2 and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Book which shows the continuation of Harry’s life in the magical world.

The good thing about the series is that each part can be enjoyed separately as well. The narration by Jim Dale is perfect for the whole thing and moves well with the whole series.   


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