Heir of Fire (Audiobook) Throne of Glass

The battle for survival and the search for truth continues as Celaena fights her way out of many disasters that had been following her all her life. Sarah J. Mass has portrayed this wonderful female character with a special kind of energy, the way Celaena shows her desperation at every loss is really heart touching.

The more she gains, the more she has to lose as whenever she goes up in the rank she loses loved ones and confronts treachery by the people whom she loves. Though from the outside she is a blessed being but from the inside she still mourns on her lost love and is in need of a person who could be with her as a true soul mate. 

There is however an even bigger problem that looms on her in this part more as compared to Crown of Midnight , the inner devil is unleashing itself and it is not under her control now. She has to find the truth about her origin and her birth, as who she really is and from where she has come from. She knows everything in the world except the truth of her birth and her parents. It’s confusion with no apparent solution but we get the hint that her personal life issues might have a link with the main plot and the conclusion would conclude her tale as well after the climax.

 The scenes are brilliantly woven one into the other and we cannot skip any of the parts or portion because it would become difficult to comprehend if we try to leave something in haste. Elizabeth Evans was given the narration job this time and she has given an appealing voice to this whole fictional creation.   


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