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Hello Girls is a beautiful book by author Brittany Cavallaro, Emily Henry.
Two teenage girls who have had enough of the men in their lives to go on a rampage set out to make a new life for themselves.
Winona starved to death in the seemingly perfect home she shared with her seemingly perfect father, famed meteorologist Stormy Olsen. He locked the pantry door to control her eating and left bruises where no one could see.

Lucille suffocated to the needs of her mother and drug-dealing brother. What’s more for her than disappearing waitress tips and a lifetime of struggling to get through.

On a harrowing night, Winona and Lucille realize they can’t wait until graduation to start a new life. They were armed with a plan that would take them from their small town of Michigan to Chicago.
And really, a stolen convertible can’t be hurt.

Chased by oppression. Winona and Lucille must regain their strength if they are to make a daring escape and get away with it.

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