Picture perfect life of Bryce gets destroyed in one single night when someone snatches her companion from her. Bryce was never the kind of girl who would worry about petty things in her life. She has everything which a girl of her age needs for a luxurious life. With no enemies or rivals, she just kept on enjoying all of it till someone killed her dear one and got away with it. The police caught the criminal but Bryce is sure that he is not the one and the police have caught the wrong person.

Crimes of murder increase in the city and Bryce starts to investigate the case herself to bring the criminal to justice. When the girl goes deeper into the case she realizes that all of it is not the doing of a man rather it is a dark force that is coming for all of them. While investigating she meets Hunt i.e a person whom she has never met before. A Court of Thorns and Roses and Throne of Glass also had such encounters with strange people. Sarah J. Maas uses this technique to take the story on another path.

Hunt in this story is a fallen angel who has a chance of redemption by helping the girl in need. Together the two start the fight against the evil forces which Elizabeth Evans narrates in a stern voice to show the level of their darkness. Not too much mystery is kept for the climax by the author as her main focus was to show the demon faces to the audience to arouse the feeling of awe.

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