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How the Dead Speak is the 11th mystery novel in the Tony Hill & Carol Jordan series by author Val McDermid.
After an explosion forces Tony Hill and Carol Jordan to reevaluate everything they think they know right from wrong, the two are dealing with the aftermath on their own terms. Tony must pay for his actions, Carol is conducting an investigation into false suspicions. The shocking discovery is made at a construction site, and the skeleton is found to belong to a murderer who is believed to be alive and in prison, suddenly, Tony and Carol are once again brought into the fund. each other’s religion…

Why do authors always put someone in the shoes of a really obnoxious authority figure and most importantly don’t know how to conduct a serial murder investigation. And above all, they always keep an eye on the most excellent and successful officer. It just hangs me and Paula deserves so much more. My second fear is that although Tony and Carol’s reunion went well, I wonder if it will continue in another book. Jordan/Hill books are always great to read. The characters are complex and their intelligence to solve cases is unstoppable. I really hope there will be another book in this series.

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