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I’ll Be Seeing You is a parenting book written by Elizabeth Berg.
The touching love story of caring for parents during their final years in this beautifully written memoir.
Elizabeth Berg’s father was a military veteran, a tough man in every way except for one point: He showed a lot of love and tenderness to his wife. Berg describes her parents’ marriage as a romance that lasted nearly 70 years. She grew up watching her father kiss her mother when she left the house, and kiss her mother back as soon as he returned.

But then her father got Alzheimer’s, and her parents were forced to leave the home they loved and move to a facility that could help them. Their children must offer practical advice, emotional support, and direction to the best of their abilities – in fact, to be parents of those who have been raising them for so long. . A difficult transition, at least mitigated by moments of humor and fun. Everyone’s mix of emotions can make each day feel like walking through a minefield. Then comes redemption.

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