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In the Market for Murder is the second book in the A Lady Hardcastle Mystery series by renowned author T E Kinsey. In 1909, the all-around amateur and eccentric Lady Hardcastle was enjoying a well-deserved vacation. But a week later, Spencer Caradine, a local farmer, died in a pub, face down on his beef pie. This case involves Lady Hardcastle. How the story will continue, please wait and see.

Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: In the Market for Murder audiobook by Victoria J. Mejia-Gewe

Clever intertwining of three fun mysteries

This is a terrific sequel to A Quiet Life in the Country. The book takes three mystery lines and intertwines them effectively. There is the death of a cruel man that might be from poisoning. A ghost accuses a member of the group doing a seance of murder. And the plaques and awards from a rugby club get stolen. I enjoyed the way the threads of the mysteries end up intertwined.

The book is very fun, with clever word play and banter between Lady Hardcastle and her maid, Florence, who narrates the book. I loved this book and am waiting on tenterhooks for the third book to released on June 15!

Review 2: In the Market for Murder audiobook by James

This narrator deserves an Oscar

I love this series. I enjoy a good English mystery, but this series is LOL funny! The narrator does a wide array of voices, each with its distinctive sound and character. This takes the story up a level–a really good story to a hysterically funny story with two starring female leads. She truly deserves a Grammy for her efforts.This book is more than credit worthy…..I actually BOUGHT the second book in the series because I couldn’t wait for my next credit to come up. GET THIS, GET THIS, GET THIS!!!!

Review 3: In the Market for Murder audiobook by Emmaline

Wonderful series! Witty and fun!

This is my new favorite series, soooo good! Very witty and fun, with very intriguing mysteries. I can’t say enough good things about it. Narrator was AMAZING, she really brought everyone to life. Buy it, you won’t regret it!

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