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Inge’s War is a book that tells the story of a German woman’s family, secrets and survival under Hitler.
The enchanting tale of a niece’s search for a World War II family history that has been hidden for 60 years.

The story of Inge’s life from the rise of Nazi Germany to the brutal post-war years. From falling in love with a man who was sent to the Eastern Front shortly after she became pregnant. with his child, leading her family’s flight as the Red Army approached, dragging her young daughter with her. Eventually, O’Donnell discovers the act of violence that separates Inge from the man she loves; a terrible secret kept hidden for more than six decades.
Inge’s fight is also a powerful reckoning with implications for German identity and genetic trauma. In tracing the footsteps of her grandmother, O’Donnell not only uncovers the remarkable story of a woman caught up in history, but also confronts her legacy of neutrality and inaction. her family – and offers a rare glimpse into a reality buried for so long in silence and shame.

I love this book and story, it reveals the secret of a woman’s past in East Prussia, former Germany, in the years surrounding the Second World War.
It’s more of a personal story of detective and discovery, interspersing family history and documenting differences in what people really lived during wartime in Germany, especially as fate had yet to come. woman story. The article is lively, attractive and sophisticated.
A great adventure, highly recommended

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