Jackdaw Audiobook Free Online By KJ Charles

Jackdaw is a historical romance novel. It is a chapter out of A Charm of Magpies novel series. The novel and the subject series is written by KJ Charles. The author is known for writing romance which include both the straight and sometimes gay stories. She also writes good historical romance where the subject novel is a good example of her work. Her other top quality individual novel is The Magpie Lord. The Slippery Creatures wouldn’t make a bad literary experience at all as it is also ranked amongst the best novels of the author.

The narration of this chapter is done by Cornell Collins. The narrator has been consistent and outstanding throughout the series. This chapter was no different as it is packed with some really strong performance that comes with excellent tonal quality and expression.

Jonah Pastern had the reputation of a liar. He was also a magician, a professional thief, a windwalker and for the last six months, he was also the love of Ben Spencer, who was a police constable. His betrayal ruined the life of Ben as Ben got jailed and was all the time looking for revenge while in confinement.

Ben is quite determined that he would make Jonah pay for everything. But, he was not able to forget that what actually they shared once. Jonah straight away refused to let him. In quick time. Ben was seen entangled in the chaotic existence of Jonah all over again. They are both running together now from the justiciary, the police, and also from a few dangerous people who had some lethal grudge against both.

This installment serves as a great sequence in the already successful series. You would love e adventures of Magpie lord. The writing from the author was superb and it had a fascinating range of characters as well.

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