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Killer’s Wedge is the seventh mystery novel in the 87th Precinct series by author Ed McBain.
Killer’s Wedge is an enthralling, deeply relatable thriller in which terrorism strikes deep into the heart of the house, placing everyone’s lives in a tense confrontation with an unscrupulous enemy. unreasonable and unfounded.

Her name is Virginia Dodge. And she’s here to kill Detective Steve Carella.

An ordinary day in Section 87 is about to take a turn for the worse when Dodge shows up and puts a bullet in Carella’s head. She doesn’t care if she has to carry all the men in 87 to do it.

Armed with a homemade bomb, a pistol, and a bottle of nitroglycerine hidden in her purse, Virginia takes the entire detachment room hostage as she waits for Carella. When he showed up to meet his producer. With all of Team 87’s men rescuing one prisoner, they engage in a battle of wits to save their colleague from his deadly captor.

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