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Kochland is the book that tells the ambitious story of how a private company has consolidated power for more than half a century – and how, in doing so, it has helped transform capitalism into something that many Americans today feel alienated.

The Story of Wall Street Redundancy through Too Big to Fail, Christopher Leonard’s Kochland uses the extraordinary account of how the world’s largest privately held company grew to be so big to tell the story of the company. Modern America.

Koch Industries’ annual revenue is larger than that of Goldman Sachs, Facebook, and US Steel combined. Koch is everywhere: from fertilizer for feed to pipe chemicals to synthetics for carpets and diapers to Wall Street selling them all. But few people know much about Koch Industries, and that’s because the Koch billionaire brothers want it to be.

For five decades, CEO Charles Koch has kept Koch Industries quietly operating in the deepest secrecy, with the goal of very, very long-term profitability. He is a genius businessman: patient with earnings, able to learn from his mistakes, determined that his employees develop respect for the ruthlessness of the free market, and is a master wrecker. These strategies have made him and his brother David, together, richer than Bill Gates.

  • Kochland

  • The Secret History of Koch Industries and Corporate Power in America
  • By: Christopher Leonard

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