Lady Killer/ An 87th Precinct Novel, Book 8 – Audiobook Online

Lady Killer is the eighth mystery novel in the 87th Precinct series by author Ed McBain.
Lady Killer is a master of the detective fiction genre and a compelling addition to Ed McBain’s 87th Precinct series.
“I’m going to kill Lady tonight at 8 o’clock. What can you do about it?”

The message on a pre-tagged letter was delivered to Desk Sergeant Dave Murchison at 8 a.m. Detectives at Division 87 have received threats like this before, but this time there was something different. A city of millions of women — finding the right one in 12 hours is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Detectives Steve Carella and Cotton Hawes make a list of possible suspects but in a big city like this. The clock ticks and with no other clue, guess is the only card they have to play. All they need is a break—or they won’t get a second chance.

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