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Lawyer X is a biography of author Anthony Dowsley and Patrick Carlyon.
Underbelly meets Molly’s Game. The true crime investigation rewrote the story of Melbourne’s notorious gang war and triggered a royal commission.
The gang wars in Melbourne are an era dominated by murder, stings, beatings, drug dealing, corruption and greed.

It took police a decade to stop the violence and take down crime bosses Carl Williams, Tony Mokbel and their accomplices. As the police close the case, how they actually won the war, with the help of an unlikely informant to the police, becomes a closely guarded secret and its exposure, the greatest legal scandal of our time.

Lawyer X is the scandalous, true story of how a promising defense lawyer from a privileged background broke all the rules – becoming an informant for the police and his client’s mistress. – share their secrets and shape the gang war that leads to sensational arrests and convictions. The story of how Nicola Gobbo became Lawyer X, and why, is a fascinating study of despair and determination.

Lawyer X is the definitive story of Melbourne’s gang wars and its most captivating and compelling central character, based on the groundbreaking work of investigative journalists Anthony Dowsley and Patrick Carlyon, who have broke the story for the Herald Sun in 2014 to reveal the truth about Attorney X’s identity.

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