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Leather and Lace is the second literary fiction book in The Virgin Diaries series by author Lauren Landish.
Bestselling author Lauren Landish has appeared Virgin Diaries, a series of responsible alpha heroes and sassy, ​​naive women who bring them to their knees.
Arianna: The most powerful man in the city wants me and my most precious possession. My biggest secret that even my best friend doesn’t know.

This was a great book loved reading about Arianna and Liam they work at Morgan Com. Shes an assistant at the job she see’s herself being a part of while shes still in College Ari’s told by Mrs. Maples to go up stairs to give Mr. Wilkes an envelope and thats how Ari’s life changes Liam Blackstone is CEO of the Company and there doing a photo shoot her boss pickes her to be the girl to be in the picture with him shes shocked at first..

But does it he calls her Doll and Ari finds out that she likes it they flirt shes in his lap and they both get turned on all to soon the pictures are done and she leaves his office but Liam wants more! So he tells his best friend and work collie Jacob Wilkes to give Ari an interview to be his Secretary he argues at first because he knows what Liam wants with Arianna she gets the job and things start too get heated between Liam and Ari he finds out that she’s never been with a man and that makes him want her even more! Ari meets Melvin the VP of Morgan Company she notices theres something off about him but cant figure it out. Liam wants Ari to spend the weekend together they cant wait to get there hands on each other and not in his office Ari calls her best friend Dasiy amd asks for her help so leaves with Liams Butler Randolph Liams not home yet but when he gets there finally from being in a metting with Melvin and the Board members from Morgan he cant wait too start the weekend with Ari..

She backs out with sleeping his Liam at first she tells him why because ahe cant get away from her past she thinks that sleeping with him will only be a one time thing but she doesnt know that he wants only her no one else! So she finally relizes that the past is just that the past and she tells him she wants him just as much and sleep together they talk about there lifes and work they become friends and lovers..Ari meets Liams sister Norma Jean at a costume party Melvin is there but dressed up like a bear he attackes Ari and goes over board crazy he wants to be CEO and tries too get Liam fired he fails and Liam saves Ari from crazy pants. Arianna gets the job she always wanted working for Liam and Jacob the ending was great loved it cant wait til the third book!

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