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Legacy is a science fiction book in the Stellar Heritage series by author Bob Mauldin.
Witness the rise of the first human galactic federation: the Terran Alliance.

Simon and Katherine Hawke stumble across an alien space shuttle that has landed on Earth, which will change not only their lives but the world’s. Putting the shuttle into orbit, they discovered a much larger craft left behind with no one on board. They confirm that we are not alone in the universe and must prepare humanity for what is to come.
Recruiting from all over the world, they begin to expand their fleet and build a federation to give humans a foothold in the galaxy. The Terran Alliance is formed, led by Simon, Kitty, Gayle and their new comrades.
Everything is going according to plan as they build more ships. Governments around the world are vying for control of these technologies. Their second encounter with an alien species was not one of peace. Attacking, they face more questions than answers as they face resistance not only from outer space but also from their home planet.

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