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Legion is the fourth book in The Talon Saga series by Julie Kagawa.
Talon Saga’s next thriller novel is born.
The legions will be unleashed and no human, rogue dragon, or former dragon slayer can stand up to the oncoming hordes.

The young Ember Hill dragon was never quite prepared to find love – dragons can’t stand human emotions – let alone humans, and a former dragon assassin. With Garret, a former soldier of St. George, dying at her feet after sacrificing his freedom and his life to expose his deepest betrayal, Ember only knows that nothing she was taught by the dragon organization Talon is true. About the person, about the rogue dragons, about herself and what she is capable of doing and feeling.

Faced with great loss, Ember vows to side with the rogue dragon Riley against Saint George and her twin brother, Dante – the obvious heir to all of Talon, and the boy will soon be freed. unleash the greatest threat and terror that dragons have ever had. known. Talons are ready to take over the world, and the abominations they create will soon take to the skies, darkening the world with promises of blood and death for those who do not surrender.

Legion sweeps the readers into a whirlwind of emotions and intense events. It picks up right where Soldier left off, and we get to see where our characters are when the previous book ended. Garret’s life hangs in the balance, and we see how his precarious position plays out. Ember’s heart is in shamble due to Garret’s difficult situation, and we see how Riley assesses it all. We also get to see Ember’s twin brother, Dante, who is set to take Talon by storm and escalate up the chain of command within the dragon organization.

Each book thus far has been told from a character’s point of view. Talon was told from Ember’s pov, Rogue from Riley’s pov, Soldier from Garret’s pov, and Legion has all of their pov’s, in addition to Dante’s. The chapters that intrigued me were Dante’s. His voice is powerful due to his apparent misguided ways. As intelligent as he has shown himself to be, his lack of knowledge of the truth behind Talon’s ulterior motives, coupled with his chilling focus to rise up in the ranks of Talon, brings forth a series of disastrous events. In simple terms, Dante is brainwashed. We get to see Ember make contact with her twin and does her best to bring him to the light, if you will. However, her actions and the actions of those that she holds dear, seem to solidify Dante’s loyalty to Talon even more by the books end.

In Legion the action gets cranked up several notches. Kagawa grants us with several amazing fight scenes that had me on the edge of my seat. However, nothing beats the last action packed scene where we finally get to see the Order of St. George with the help of Ember and Riley’s underground Rogue dragons go against Talon’s secret army. It was a bloody mess full of carnage and tumultuous moments. The real star of it all in my eyes is Jade, the Shen-lung, the Asian adult dragon that we were introduced to in the previous book Soldier.

The romance also takes an interesting turn in this book. The only thing I will say is that Ember finally makes a choice of who she truly wants, between Garret the ex-St. George soldier and Riley the rogue ex-Basilisk dragon of Talon. You will be in for a very intense scene. It will be interesting going forward how this love dynamic will show itself in the concluding book. Despite Ember finally choosing who she wants to be with, I’m sure the person she turned down will have more to say about that decision going forward.

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