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Lemon Meringue Pie Murder is the fourth mystery novel in the Hannah Swensen series by Joanne Fluke.
Her Hannah Swensen mystery novel with a delightful mix of sweets and suspense.

Hannah Swensen, the owner of The Cookie Jar, finds that she spends more time as a detective than as a baker. She must solve the mystery behind the man who killed the local pharmacy employee.
The fourth and truly mouthwateringly delightful book in any baker’s dream series hasn’t disappointed. If anything it’s my favorite so far, so cute in fact that I’m all ready breezing through the next novel; I wasn’t ready to let go of Hannah just yet so I had to come back for another bite of crime and cookies. In this series it’s best to read in order because key characters are quickly killed off in each book and not starting at the very beginning will ruin some surprises.

Hannah Swensen is quite an interesting character, while innocent and sweet she ends up with a nose for crime solving since she is always stumbling across dead bodies. Unable to choose between two men who are giving her mixed signals she happily works away at Lake Eden’s coziest place, The Cookie Jar Bakery. Busy with her expanding career and trying her best to fend off her mother Delores and her constant knack for butting in, Hannah discovers another dead body, somehow her luscious Lemon Meringue Pie ends up in the house of the deceased and with a table set for two , only one slice eaten raised suspicions on Hannah’s part. The problem is that Norman, one of her suitors has purchased the home in which the body has been found, and he can’t take it down to build another one until the police straighten up the matter. Hannah of course gets involved, creates some new cookie recipes that the author graciously shares and gets into all sorts of trouble on her way to the truth.

So far this was one of the more intricate murder mysteries I have read in a cozy mystery type of a book, these are cute novels with charm oozing out, not hard crime thrillers, but there is something delicious and satisfying about them, especially with all the coffee drinking and baking going on, not to mention the hilarious daily escapades of a woman and her cat and everyone else who finds the need to try and involve themselves in her life. It’s not a graphic or loud series; it has a slightly old fashioned charm, but just a teeny bit to make it really appealing, if anything it makes the book more honest and down to earth.

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