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Leopard’s Fury is the ninth book in the A Leopard Novel series by author Christine Feehan.
Christine Feehan’s New York Times bestseller with cats with the ability to transform sexy. Those who navigate a contemporary world of intense action and passionate romance.

Leopard Fury is the ninth book in Christine Feehan’s jaguar series but this book is simply outstanding. Not only full of action and suspense, the two main characters, Evangeline Tregre and Alonzo Massi, are also brilliantly drawn as intelligent, comprehensive, and approachable characters. I love Evangeline. She was abandoned as a baby and so her leopard appeared very early in her development to protect baby Evangeline. As a result, she grew up with the spirit of a survivor struggling to survive in the bayou swamp without her parents and with only occasional food from her cowardly father. She finds her way out of the swamp to Texas, works, saves money to buy her own house and starts her own business, a bakery.

Alonzo / Fyodor Massi is the ultimate stoic and tortured man. His childhood was absolutely horrible, growing up in a brutal lair with the violent father who killed Alonzo’s mother. His terrible upbringing, his leopard is an Amur breed and one of the most uncontrollable and vicious leopards. As a young man, after saving his brother and cousin from certain death, Alonzo took responsibility for the rest of his family and now. He is the “disciple” of a former gangster who was seconded and entered his emotional and lonely world, he entered Evangeline’s house. bakery.

A slow-burning romance. At the beginning, we learn that Alonzo goes to Evangeline’s bakery almost every day throughout the year just for coffee and treats. He rarely talks to her and while she is attracted to this mysterious “iceman”, Alonzo doesn’t make any moves towards any charm or romance until his life is over. of Evangeline is threatened.

This book is very good. There are many scenes showing how this new newspaper cave is merging into a vibrant community. A new baby is born, some popular characters emerge strong and new alliances are formed.

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