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Let Love Rule is an art book by author Lenny Kravitz, David Ritz.
He draws listeners into his world, listeners begin to see that he is talking about something more holistic than music: This thoughtful man is talking about his passion for learning. ask and show how his self has come to be.

I see my story as a collection of songs that have a magical connection.
Let Love Rule is a work containing many profound reflections. Lenny Kravitz looks back on her life with candor, self-criticism and humor.

Let Love Rule covers a vast canvas that spans Manhattan’s Upper East Side, Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant, Los Angeles’ Baldwin Hills, Beverly Hills, and finally France, England, and Germany.
The story of an extremely creative child who, despite the hardships of school and extreme stress at home, found salvation in music.

We see him grow as a musician and eventually as a master songwriter, producer and performer. We see Lenny’s spiritual growth – and the powerful way his spirit conveys his music.

Enjoy digging into Lenny’s past. I knew about him, his mother, and Lisa Bonet but not all the other tidbits. Like his dad, grandparents, friends, etc. It’s refreshing to see a mostly happy childhood. Lenny was thinking about a wonderful life that he tends not to be the norm. Even the clashes with his father, he realizes that’s what made Lenny who he is. As for some of the reviews talking about the name drop, I didn’t really experience this. Yes, a lot of celebrities have been brought up. I don’t see it as the reduced name. That was his experience. It’s what he grew up with, the people he met, the people around him and his family. I would be very disappointed if he just said… “some famous person”.
I also started reading books. After I saw one reviewer comment on how to “do it and listen to the Audible edition myself”, I switched. I’m happy to do both. The book has pictures in it that I’m glad I got to see. The sound of Lenny’s divine voice read to me and was there, at last, singing to me. It is a pleasure to experience both.
If you’re a die-hard Lenny fan, you’ll love learning about his childhood.


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