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Let Them Eat Tweets is a history book by author Jacob S. Hacker, Paul Pierson.
Does the GOP represent “forgotten” Americans?

In Let Them Eat Tweets, best-selling political scientists Jacob S. Hacker and Paul Pierson give the definitive answer: Republicans serve their oligarchs to a degree never before seen in the past. modern global history. Conservative parties are, by their very nature, almost always on the side of the rich. But when faced with popular resistance, they often give in, allowing some policies to be implemented in favor of the working and middle classes. How can a political party maintain power in a democracy if it serves only the interests of a narrow and wealthy section of society?

Republicans today have shown the way, doubling down on a truly radical economic agenda that benefits the elite. The calls were increasingly harsh on race and culture against their almost entirely white establishment. Telling a story spanning 40 years, Hacker and Pierson demonstrate that since the early 1980s, when inequality began to grow, extreme tax cuts, union breaking, and deregulation have gone. coupled with extreme racing, inciting outrage and disinformation. Hackers and Pierson argue, Trump isn’t breaking the GOP’s recent past. He embodies plutocracy and right-wing extremism.

The real question that needs answering is exactly how the right has come to power over the past four decades and how and why the right continues to be a dominant political force, despite the push to economic policies that should have been unpopular. This book provides one of the best and most concise answers to a question I have encountered.

The answer, as the authors explain, is quite simple. It begins with a question philosophers and statesmen have asked about democracy since ancient Greece: What happens when an economic system that concentrates wealth in the hands of a few is combined with a political system that empowers many people to vote?

What happens is that two separate economic classes develop different interests and compete with each other. Capitalism creates an economic elite that strives to preserve their wealth, while democracy grants voting rights to the masses, who can vote collectively for the redistribution of wealth. . To prevent this from happening, the economic elite needs political representation, and that political representation is the Republican party.

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