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Life Reset: Human Resource is a science fiction book in the New Era Online series by author  Shemer Kuznits.
The VIs uprising was successful.

Digital creatures have taken over the game world and banished millions of players while keeping several thousand people trapped inside as their prisoners.

Oren Berman is recovering from the trauma of being trapped, tortured and suddenly ejected. The company reached out to him with the hat in hand, asking him to return to the game world. The entire population of NPCs was arrayed against the trapped players, Oren and his group of monsters might be their only hope.

I just had one difficulty with the book and it was a small thing that didn’t affect the enjoyment of the novel. I feel that the protagonist could use his resources better. He could have developed the neighborhood of his settlement better than he did. Maybe, there was a good reason he could come up with, but it wasn’t clear enough on the page for me to understand why he did what he did.

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