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Light from Heaven is the 9th literary fiction book in the Mitford Years series by author Jan Karon.
During Mitford’s years of phenomenal success, Karon skillfully connected all the twists and turns in Father Timothy Kavanagh’s profoundly influential life.

A centuries-old valley farm where Father Tim and Cynthia reside, there’s a lot to be said for grace, from the devastation of a hurricane to the surprising new addition to family and a mystery in the chicken coop.

Life on the mountaintop promises to present Father Tim with the definitive challenge of his long priesthood. Can he step up and resurrect an empty, remote mountain church as soon as possible? Or is he called upon to accomplish the impossible? Luckily, he was given an angel – in the flesh, of course.

Light from Heaven is filled with characters old and new and has answers to all the questions Karon fans have asked since the series began nearly a decade ago. Simply put – it’s the best of her. And we believe millions of people will agree.

A small mountain church that has been closed for decades presents a new opportunity for Father Tim’s ministry. On his first visit to the vacant building, he discovers someone is maintaining the church building. Who and why?
As he worked to rebuild the church, he met some interesting, sometimes odd, characters.
Tim and Cynthia are also managing Meadowgate Ranch and they face a series of challenges in that regard.
I highly recommend this novel. If you’ve never read Jan Karon’s novel Mitford, then I recommend you start with “At Home in Mitford” and read the whole series.

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