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Likes is a literary fiction book by author Sarah Shun-lien Bynum.
In nine stories that range from the real to the unreal, the strange to the familiar, the funny to the terrifying, Sarah Shun-lien Bynum reminds us why her wildly original debut, Madeleine Is Sleeping, and Chronicle Ms. and beloved.

Like explores the full scope and contradictions of our contemporary moment. Unexpected guests, the Waldorf school fair, older independent movie stars, the struggle to gain a foot in the capitalist job game, a kid’s Instagram posts 12 Years Old – stories of friendship and parenthood, celebrity and obsession, race and class, and the passage of time form a fascinating collection that is both otherworldly and brimming with wonder. dull deceit of everyday life.

For fans of Joy Williams, George Saunders, Lauren Groff, and Deborah Eisenberg, Likes helps us see through our unacknowledged desires and, with brief, deft, nearly invisible cuts , exposes the roots of our constant fear and pleasure.

Authors reach out and show off their skills and the best anthology is the one that brings those skills together in the final story. Shun-Lien Bynum displayed great mastery of the genre as she wrote nine short stories in her book but they no longer came together in skill or subject matter towards the end. Regardless, it’s better for this reader to give this author some time as I’ll be picking up her entire work when it’s published. She reminds me of a cross between Lauren Groff and Helen Oyeyemi in that she has the ability to be magical but her conflicts are rooted in real, everyday issues that are always present.

This work is: friendship, parenting, race, class, celebrity, obsession, and how to see the passage of time in different places in life. The work is authentic but it takes the reader into an immersive place where one can expand, cross, land and walk differently as they intersect, nurture and respect rising generations. , very different from previous generations.

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