Lion Shifter/ Magical Creatures Academy, Book 2 – Online Free Audiobook

Lion Shifter is the second science fiction book in the Magical Creatures Academy series by author Lucia Ashta.
Rina has yet to experience even one of them.

That won’t stop her from trying.

Lion Shifter is the second book in the exciting new urban fantasy genre. It’s joined by a girl with lots of moxies, good muscle teleporters, BFFs with questionable morals, and dwarfs in need of an attitude adjustment.

I have trouble with Rina about her thoughts and actions. She barely spends time with Leander or even gets to know him, but he is the forbidden love of her life. We hear a lot about the naked butt trolls that Rina dreads, but there’s no explanation or reason why. The trolls step in to help rescue her and her brother, but she fears them more than the evil brothers who want to kill her and her brother. The battle scenes are descriptive and easy to visualize.

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