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Lit is a biography of author Mary Karr.
Lit follows Mary Karr’s descent into the hell of alcoholism and madness, her incredible revival. Karr’s longing for a solid family seemed secure when her marriage to a handsome poet, or to quote Shakespeare, gave birth to a son they loved dearly. She can’t escape her apocalyptic past. She drinks herself in paralysis that almost devours her charismatic but troubled mother, to the brink of suicide. The Mental Marriott awakened her to the possibility of joy and led her to an unbelievable belief.

Lit talks about being drunk and sober; become a mother by giving up a mother; Learn to write by learning to live. A truly fascinating story about growing up – that only Mary Karr could tell

Reminding yourself of those truths as you read does not silence the enemy. He tries to make you jealous. “I wish I was an alcoholic, divorced and only had one child and taught literature at a posh school after being locked in a looney for a while.
To say Mary Karr is a good writer is an understatement. I put her there with Flannery O’Connor… almost. I think this woman is an absolute genius. She uses words in a way that most of us writers, even nonsense things like our random thoughts on the web, can only dream of.

The story of her addictions is painfully told, her relationships and characters drawn so vividly that I had to put it down to avoid getting overwhelmed at some point. .

She holds nothing back at all. Mary Karr is possibly one of the most self-reflective writers I’ve ever read, and her self-knowledge is astounding.

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