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Little Bitty Lies is a literary fiction book by author Mary Kay Andrews.
Little Bitty Lies is a humorous Southern novel about all the important things in life: marriage and divorce, mother and daughter, friendship and betrayal, small-town secrets and journey to find find a woman’s lifelong home. And the perfect recipe for chicken salad.

In a suburban Atlanta neighborhood where divorce is rampant, Mary Bliss McGowan didn’t realize her own marriage was in trouble until one summer night. She found a letter from her husband, saying he was gone. Stunned and humiliated, the desperate Mary Bliss, left with her 17-year-old daughter Erin and a mountain of debt, decides to save what’s left of her life by lying a little. She just told friends and family that Parker was out of town doing consulting work. Then the lies started to become snowballs, until Parker died. Or he?
Mary Bliss’s former quiet existence becomes overwhelming as she deals with an overzealous teenager, an aging mother-in-law with strange delusions, and the unexpected but amusing shock of finding herself torn apart. chasing man. The neighbor is looking for a suitable second wife and a dangerously attractive former cop is looking for the truth about Parker McGowan.

Little Bitty Lies is a lot of fun. Mary Bliss McGowan and Katherine Weidman are smart, beautiful, upper-middle-class residents of Fair Oaks, Georgia, and had a great time there. Their suburban country club life is turned inside out when Mary Bliss’ husband is a runner and Katherine’s wife has an affair. The girl cooperates and solves problems with what is usually a wickedly funny southern charm.

I feel like an invisible third friend, participating in their plans and enjoying the nonsense.

But that doesn’t really detract from the value. Needless to say, but suffice it to say, the premise of how to deal with a wronged spouse requires a suspension of trust. Have a beautiful sex scene – nothing you haven’t done.

I love the cuddly men, the local skin tone, the southern gardens, the chicken salad, the tough mother-in-law, the kids with the attitude, the cocktails and the wine.

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