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Little Miss Little Compton is a memoir by Arden Myrin author Debby Ryan.
A hilarious memoir about her growing up and ascent on the comedy scene despite an unusual upbringing.
Arden Myrin is not the product of one but two hasty decisions. Her guest left and got married 24 hours after they met. Arden’s parents did one thing better – they married recklessly. Growing up in Arden’s family, her father ate nothing but cake, while her mother was busy teaching a team of Boy Scouts how to perform a Broadway musical. She grew up in a small farm town called Little Compton, Rhode Island. Population: 3,518. Cows: 278 cows. General store: 1 pc. Stop light: no.

At 19, Arden packed her bags with the stars in her eyes and headed to the ImprovOlympic in Chicago, where for the first time in her life she felt she was finally right. Arden got his big break when he was cast in an NBC sitcom. She moved to Los Angeles, didn’t know anyone, and quickly realized that she didn’t know how to become a full-fledged adult on her own.

How do you date someone and not screw it up? Do you interact with people if you have a bit of social anxiety? How do you stand up for yourself if you’re a people pleaser?

From the small town of Rhode Island to accidentally kicking Courteney Cox in the face on a Hollywood stage, Arden’s hilarious, inspirational, and authentic story shows listeners how a completely unusual upbringing can be. is what a person needs to develop, while at the same time being your truest, most outrageous self.

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