Loamhedge – Redwall Book 15

Loamhedge is the 15th science fiction book in the Redwall series by author Brian Jacques. A New York Times bestseller, Brian Jacques is the most famous storyteller in the world. The story features the remarkable creatures of the country of Mossflower and is a delight for fans.

In Loamhedge, brave warriors fend off beasts, daring adventurers journey to faraway lands in search of long-buried secrets. Young maid Martha Braebuck is strapped to a wheelchair, wondering if Loamhedge holds the key to her cure? To find out, Braggon the otter and Sarobando the squirrel head for Loamhedge on behalf of Martha.

As they leave, Redwall Abbey is attacked by the ruthless mariner Raga Bol and his evil friends. Unbeknownst to Raga Bol, he is being chased by a giant badger with a deadly bow.
Loamhedge satisfies explorations of this far-reaching adventure and compelling story.

Here are some comments from readers to better understand this good audiobooks:

01- Brian Jacques takes us to the magical country of Mossflower and Redwall Abbey, the brave and wise beast and the cruel, ferocious worm. The story of Lonnar Boldstripe and his quest for revenge involves Briggoon and Sarabando’s quest to find a cure for the paralyzed maid Martha. The two stories come together very nicely and the ending is both happy.
This is a children’s book series but the action will be a bit too violent for young children, possibly nightmarish.

02- The story begins near the beach, where a pair of otters discover that two honey badgers have been attacked by Ragga Bol’s swarm of worms. One person died, Lonna Bowstripe was seriously injured. The otters brought the large creature to help Lonna recover, he vowed revenge against Bol.

Two of Redwall’s “spiders” return home after a life of wandering. Bragoon the otter and Saro the squirrel soon leave the convent to treat Martha, a young girl confined to a wheelchair. This cure can only be found at the ancient monastery at Loamhedge. They realize they are the reluctant mentors of Redwall’s three current troublemakers, deciding to join the adventure.

While Bragoon and the other Saro perform their duties, Ragga Bol and crew attack the monastery. With the Otter crew gone for the season and no warriors in residence, the people of Redwall rely on their own wisdom to stop the vermin.

03- The stories of Redwall will not disappoint readers. From the islands of the sea, across the sands of the stronghold of Mount Salamandastron to the forest of Mossflower, Jacques paints an eloquent picture of his fictional world, drawing you into every part of the action story. The lavish depictions of big parties, harrowing tales of war, tragedy and loss, and colorful characters make this series worth reading. This particular story is about a maid in a wheelchair on a journey to find a cure for her illness.

The cast and see the adventure differ from the Redwall novels will surprise readers after surprises.

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