Long Shot A Sniper Novel – Free Full Audiobook

Long Shot is a literary fiction book in the Sniper series by author Jack Coughlin, Donald A. Davis.
Russia’s top intelligence officer has defected to the West, and the only person he will talk to is Kyle Swanson. The one who got him out of the US Marine Corps Scout/Sniper School years ago. The fugitive proves himself to be an Edward Snowden-style goldmine filled with incredible secrets about when, where, and how President Vladimir Pushkin took the lost Soviet territory next.

But Swanson, now a special contractor for the CIA, soon began to believe that Moscow’s launching of it all was fools’ gold to spark an open military war with NATO and the United States. Deadly methods of his own, the sniper sets out to find the truth, but to slow him down, the Russians kidnap Swanson’s beautiful friend Calico, the head of the CIA station in Estonia.

From Italy to the Arctic Circle, Kyle Swanson is being hunted, convinced that the fugitive is actually carrying out an elaborate plot to give Russia a kingdom in the north. Swanson always seems to be one step behind, because there is a traitor in his own command system. To stop the madness, Swanson had to execute a deadly shot 100 miles from the border bridge in Estonia, where Russian troops were waiting on the other side when a government official crossed with an invitation to invade.

I have sincerely enjoyed The Kyle Swanson novels. This story could have been today’s headlines, as it all revolves around a plot for Russian expansion into the neighboring independent neighbor’s as they are currently doing in the Ukraine.

One of the things I appreciate about Coughlin is his gritty realism, and how Kyle isn’t a superman. Like us, he gets tired, he doesn’t always figure things out at the time an event occurs, he feels deeply the loss of a comrade, and he bleeds when stabbed or otherwise wounded. We have some interesting new characters, and suffer betrayal at the highest levels. All told, it’s a great new book, and I look forward to Kyle Swanson’s next great adventure.

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