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Love Riot is a good book by author Sara Barratt.
Young people are leaving the church and those still in the church often struggle with apathy about their faith. The time has come for a revolution, a divine revolt. A riot.

With passion and authenticity, teen author Sara Barratt urges her generation to abandon apathy and embrace a bold, expensive belief. Dissatisfied with the safe religion that asks nothing of us, Sara shows teenagers how they can stop surrendering to the status quo and devote themselves to Christ, following Him no matter what their friends do. or what the culture around them does.

She challenges them to give up everything – their comfort zone, their time, their loyalty, their pride. When they lose control, they are taking the life that was meant for them.

Love Riot is a battle from one teen to the next to accept a life of wholehearted commitment and unrelenting abandonment of Christ…no matter the cost.

Author Sara Barratt is unreservedly challenging her generation to find meaning in the church and to make it a better, more relevant place for young people to come and worship, meet Jesus, and serve him.

There’s so much to admire and appreciate about this book, I’m sure I can’t do it justice, but here are some of the things that stand out in my mind:

The opening anecdote is a very powerful and revealing story about the author going on a “free” shopping trip with her church youth group and then wondering how much more she could do for Jesus if she chose to spend the same money for the betterment of others rather than on self-indulgence. The fact that at such a young age she would be socially conscious set me, the reader, up for the passion she would reveal throughout the remaining pages of her book.

  • Love Riot

  • A Teenage Call to Live with Relentless Abandon for Christ
  • By: Sara Barratt

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