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Love Thy Enemy is the 13th love story in the Red Stone Security series by author Katie Reus.
Red Stone Security Officer Dominique Castle knows very well that there are people in this world she cannot trust. Having lost both her parents, Dominique distanced herself from anyone tied to her past. The man she hated for years. And Viktor Ivanov won’t change her mind about who he really is – no matter how charming the Russian is.

He is determined to conquer her.

She may hate him and distrust him, but Viktor is determined to break Dominique’s icy appearance one way or another – even if it means he has to take the game on his own. . With a past like Viktor’s, he’s made many enemies along the way – enemies that won’t take him down at all. Viktor realizes Dominique’s life is in danger because of him, and he will stop at nothing to protect her – whether she likes it or not. Now, Dominique must trust the only man involved in her past pain. Can she find a way to love an enemy she has always loathed?

This was an amazing addition to the Red Stone Security series when Dominique Castle fell madly in love with the last person in the world she ever thought she would end up with,Viktor Ivanov. She blamed his father for the deaths of her parents so naturally she hated his whole family. Working for Red Stone Security they were attending an affair with chefs from the different local restaurants and Viktor was attending it because he owned some restaurants that were there.

Viktor had taken notice of Dominique on various occasions and was dumb struck by her grace and beauty but did not think he was good enough for her because of his gangster father who was now dead. She snubbed him and showed him she hated him but he had no idea why. When he investigated further he then knew why and was sick from what his father had done to her family. He immediately set about righting the wrong done to her parents by giving back their parents home that Viktor and his brother were left in their fathers estate and signing over the property to her. She just could not believe this kind jesture and was changing her mind about her hateful feelings towards him. He asked her out to discuss the property take over and while they were at the restaurant there was a fire.

Every time they were together some thing would happen and Viktor thought someone was out to kill them. The story gets very exciting as they fight off their attackers and work on finding out who is behind everything. This book was action packed and very romantic as Viktor and Dominique fall deeply in love with one another and he ends up saving her life to seal the deal as far as she was concerned. That he would risk his life for her and made her feel safe just made her love him more. All of the situations that they have to go through and the hot romance makes for a book I just could not put down. I am really looking forward to the next book in this amazing series.

  • Love Thy Enemy

  • Red Stone Security Series, Book 13
  • By: Katie Reus

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