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Loveable is a health book by author Kelly Flanagan.
We rarely remember the precious months or years when we experienced our worthiness as a fact.
Dr. Kelly Flanagan is known to millions of people for the letters he writes to his children and shares on his blog.

In Loveable, Dr. Flanagan reveals core insight gained from his years of clinical work. You’re here for a reason, but you can’t really realize it until you first embrace your truest, most worthy self and then allow yourself to be truly accepted. by others. Combining Dr. Flanagan’s heartwarming storytelling, gentle insights and wisdom in the Christian tradition – including his belief that we are all “living people, breathing the eternal, transcendent and infinite love that turned the planets and hung the stars.” This book invites you to recall the name you were given before all the others: lovely.

You are worthy; you belong; you are Loveable! And so is everyone else!

And because it is an investment – in you; as well as, in creating a Loveable world that thrives in peace, grace, forgiveness. Oh, how the world would be so different if this living guide was available and required reading early in life…

I was blessed enough to have an opportunity to receive a free digital copy of Loveable as a member of the launch team. It could not have come at a better moment in my life – to be able to hear these words of truth from the heart of Love. Kelly is an amazing, heartfelt, thoughtful writer and Loveable is an equally amazing, heartfelt, thoughtful work of art that belongs gracing your bookshelf of life. They are dazzling words of magical spells channeled from Divine Grace through his beautiful being and graceful way of expressing.

Loveable is more than just a book with some black and white words scrawled upon the page, ordered in lines and paragraphs rearranged – it is a living life of a guide in full vibrant HD color as something we live over and over and over… it is living a life in love, as Love. It is a safe haven telling us we matter; a place where we all belong; a world in which we come together to break bread and honor our passion – for life – all gifts we have been given from God, from Divine, and just how can we gift back in return – through Love, with Love, in Love – where forgiveness settles in, and the peace and ease of redemption imbues our soul soaring with Love.

  • Loveable

  • Embracing What Is Truest About You, So You Can Truly Embrace Your Life
  • By: Kelly Flanagan

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