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Lucy in the Sky is a good book by author Anonymous.
A gripping first-person addiction story, in the tradition of Go Ask Alice and Jay’s Journal.

This diary started journaling on her 16th birthday. She lives in a middle-class neighborhood in Santa Monica with her mom, dad, and brother in Berkeley. She was a good girl, living well… but one party changed all that. A party where she tasted it once – and loved it.

Social drinking and highs lead to more, faster, harder…. She convinced herself that she was no different than anyone else who liked to party. She hung out with a cranky crowd, dropped out of school, and dropped everything she ever cared about, all in search of her next high.

Everything that goes up must come down, and everything – from the first sip to the last breath – is recorded in the diary she left behind.

If you are a fan of Go Ask Alice you will fall in love with this book as well. The story telling is very much the same but updated to today’s problems. It is a believable story and will draw you in. I feel like Go Ask Alice was a bit more gripping in its telling as there were times she wasn’t saying much where the narrator in Lucy In The Sky doesn’t fail at describing what is going on. This is also due to the fact that they are different type of addiction stories.

That being said it is a sometimes graphic story with sexual themes and drug use. This is why these type of books are often on the banned books lists. If you are thinking of getting this for someone under the age of thirteen just be aware of the themes that this does carry within it.

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