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Lucy Sullivan Is Getting Married is a literary fiction book by author Marian Keyes.
Lucy Sullivan is 26 years old and living her life to the fullest in London.

Hers is a quiet, undisciplined life of despair. When she and three friends visited a psychic for a bit of fun and the woman’s predictions began to come true, Lucy was horrified. The fortune-teller confirms that she will get married soon – in fact this year. Lucy not only does not have a boyfriend, but the chance of getting one is also very slim.

Between bottles of alcohol, antidepressants, and an addiction to self-help books, she’s not quite ready to walk, or even stumble, down the aisle soberly. Is Lucy’s fate really written in the stars? Will she control her own destiny?

Her conversational style made me feel as if I was chatting with a friend. Just like some of my real-life friends, sometimes I want to smack her in the head and tell her to do a reality check, but that’s one of the great things about this book – Lucy is a person. honest, real with real life flaws (and addicted to mass psychology and the men who treated her badly).

The book is about a London bachelor and his quest to find Mr. Her right. The book begins with a psychic predicting that Lucy without a boyfriend will get married in the next 18 months. At first, Lucy doesn’t believe it, but psychic predictions involving her friends (who have psychic reading abilities of their own) begin to come true. Lucy eventually meets Gus, a total loser, at a party. For some inexplicable reason, she is attracted to Gus’ irresponsibility and drug-induced pointless conversations and dates Gus.

She convinces herself that she and Gus make sense because of the psychic’s prediction and overlooks some serious character flaws. I won’t reveal the story to everyone – although the ending is predictable, how she got there is not – but in the end Lucy has to face the childhood demons about her father. and realizes that she has a habit of dating men with the same flaws as her father.

The book includes an interesting cast of characters – her selfish and overbearing roommate Karen and her lovable roommate Charlotte, Lucy’s co-worker and childhood friend Lucy is Daniel. We follow them as they navigate the complex singles scene in London, part friends, part archenemy (especially Karen). Yes, we know who Lucy will end up with in the end, but the journey to a predictable ending is exciting.

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