Mad Ship – The Liveship Traders Book 2

Mad Ship is the second book in The Liveship Traders series by author Robin Hobb. As Bingtown’s ancient Tradition of Old Merchants fades under corrupt rule, the Vestrits await the return of their lives, a magical ship carved from a sentient sorcerer’s tree. Althea and her friend at sea Brashen are determined to free the ship. So what dangers will their plan face?

Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: Mad Ship – The Liveship Traders Book 2 by Lore

Book 2 starts to bring it all together.

In my review of Ship of Magic, I wrote that it was “80% set-up and 20% interesting fantasy.” This book really springboards off of that set-up work and brings the interesting fantasy to the forefront. All of the various threads start to weave together and the connections keep the story moving.

Once again centered on the Vestrit family, this book skips most of the tiring squabbles that dominated book one and instead brings the fantasy world to life. The details of the Rain Wilds, the future of Bingtown, and the fate of the dragons dominate the story telling and keep things entertaining. Once the facts start to be revealed, you will not look at the liveships in the same way anymore.

All the main characters are back including Malta. Although she was selfish and immature in book one, she abruptly morphs into a young adult with a decent understanding of how the complex world around her works. I feel she changed far too abruptly, but it was a welcome change since the family fighting really dragged down the first book.

Anne Flosnik is once again the narrator and provides more of the same. Like her or not, I see no reason your opinion of her narration from book one will change with book two. If you finished Ship of Magic and wanted to know more about the characters, as well as the dragons, serpents, and liveships, then you should definitely pick this one up. Of course, being the middle book of a trilogy much is left unresolved at the end, so you will need to go one step further for true resolution.

Review 2: Mad Ship – The Liveship Traders Book 2 by Carl

Unfortunate choice for narrator…

After listening to Paul Boehmer, Anne Flosnik just doesn’t make this series come to life. Her style of reading is less than optimal… Slow pace with words clearly enunciated. Would be a great childrens book narrator.

Review 3: Mad Ship – The Liveship Traders Book 2 by Jordan

Worst narrator ever

Seriously! She is so bad! Everything ends in an excessively dramatic exhalation. It’s so bad that every time she does it I mimic her. “Althea” is pronounced “Altheaaaaahhhhhhh”. She ruins these books.

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