Mariel of Redwall – Redwall Book 3

Brian Jacques is one of the most famous authors in the world. Mariel of Redwall is a New York Times bestseller. This book is loved by readers: thrilling escapes, intriguing feats, and endearing characters from the jungles of Mossflower country.
Mousemaid Mariel and her bellmaker father are besieged by the vicious pirate rat Gabool and his thugs. Mariel was brought ashore by the good-natured animals of Redwall Priory. Mariel couldn’t find her father and she thought he lost his life. She begins with a dangerous quest straight into the heart of Gabool’s stronghold, where some surprises await.
Fans of the Mossflower world will find these stories amusing, newcomers have trouble jumping into this swashbuckling tale.

Here are some comments from readers to help you better understand this Audiobooks:

01- This is a wonderful story of adventure and food. The Redwall Book is a war of adventure, battle, food, song, and moments of peace. All characters with voices that match them. Songs are also sung and accompanied by musical instruments.

02-Mariel lacks development or complexity that makes you feel invested in her mission. Characters are highlighted by their nasty attributes such as a rabbit with a high-pitched laugh, unruly children, a hot-tempered Mariel, another rat who has lost his mind due to strange images.
03- Mariel is a great heroine of the Redwall Universe. She’s brave and smart but by no means fanciful and easily becomes one of the more likable characters in the series.

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