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Martin McLean, Middle School Queen is a children’s book by author Alyssa Zaczek.
In this passionate high school debut, Martin McLean struggles to find his voice – and the pride within him. He oriented friendship, family, first love and a lot of halo.
Seventh grader Martin McLean is always surrounded by people who can express themselves. His mother is an artist, his colorful Tio Billy works in the theater, and his best friends Carmen and Pickle are extroverted and don’t care what others think. Martin could only find the right words when he answered a math problem in a Mathletes competition – until tio introduced him to the world of scissors.

In a whirlwind of sequins and heels, Martin created his awesome drag queen replacement, Lottie Leon. As Lottie, he was braver than ever; but as Martin, he doesn’t have the courage to tell anyone outside of his family about her. Carmen and Pickle, not his Mathletes teammates, and certainly not Chris, the eighth grader, who sent Martin flying.

Martin discovers that his first tug-of-war performance happens on the same night as the most important Mathletes tournament, he realizes that he can only succeed in both appearances by revealing his true self. herself with friends – and head to her inner pulling superstar.

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