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Mech 2 is a science fiction book by author Isaac Hooke.
Rade and his team were pushed deep into enemy lines. Their mission: capture a high-ranking Chinese official and escape to the mining area before everything falls apart.
But then the aliens decided to appear.

Rade and his team are fighting not just for their lives but for the lives of every man, woman, and child on Earth.

Rade doesn’t think so: He lives for this.

The fearsome war machines are armed with experimental plasma cannons known as stingrays, which are capable of delivering three times more stopping power than conventional heavy lasers. Enemy of humanity, you have been warned.

Mech 2 is the second semi-standalone book following Rade from the Atlas/Alen War/Argonaut universe. This book picks up a few years after Mech ends. I don’t think you have to read Mech to follow the story, but I think it does help for context.

In this story, Rade and some of his team are sent to capture a high ranking foreign official, and a war breaks out from there. Rade and his team take their part fighting the war, and ultimately trying to end it by confronting an old enemy from Mech. That battle scenes are fun and well thought out, and I always enjoy the interplay between the different characters. Rade’s relationship with the AI characters in this book is also a new facet not present in books before Mech and Mech 2, and I enjoy that new struggle with how Rade threats the AI’s in his team.

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