Memnoch the Devil | The Vampire Chronicles Book 5

Memnoch the Devil is the fifth book in The Vampire Chronicles series, by famous author Anne Rice. Satan has come to New Orleans with a compelling proposition. The Dark Lord Memnoch takes Lestat on a journey across the boundaries of space and time, uncovering the events that have happened in our world. The journey to one day ends the apocalypse, from which Lestat returns weak and broken.

Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: Memnoch the Devil audiobook by Charlie

Probably the best novel I’ve read in a while. Wonderful, thought provoking storyline which was so much more than I had anticipated given the themes of the vampire chronicles previous instalments. The narration was excellent. Thoroughly enjoyed.

Review 2: Memnoch the Devil audiobook by Joni J Mielke

Exceptional narration marred by boring story

Although I liked the concept of Lestat being haunted by one of his victims, I found Anne Rice’s theological reinterpretation exhaustive and, in honest, quite boring. This is a big step away from the theme of the series thus far, which I found unappealing and unnecessary.

Simon Vance’s narration was pitch perfect.

Review 3: Memnoch the Devil audiobook by Jesse Johnson

I found this book to be a great read, don’t be fooled by the tile as I was. I expected a completely different story from what I got but loved it all the same. If you havn’t read any of the other stories in the vampire cronicles no worries they seem to read independently but I advise reading them all as Ann Rice refers to other books slightly and brings in older charaters you will be amused by. This story has a great ending and I would say is a must read.

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