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Mind Game is the second horror novel in the A GhostWalker Novel series by author Christine Feehan. Dahlia Le Blanc, she has a gift of fiction that can set objects on fire. She spent her whole life isolated from others. For some reason, she became the target of killer assassins, she had to find the secret hiding place she had established long ago. She must rely on warrior Nicolas Trevane to protect her.

Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: Mind Game audiobook by Sandy M

To Quote Amadeus, Book has “Too Many Notes”

What would have made Mind Game better?

Cut several hours of boring unimportant blather thoughts, less silly sex, a different narrator.

What do you think your next listen will be?

Will not continue this series, don’t like the narrator, the story is boring, need I go on?

How could the performance have been better?

Men tend to mutilate women’s voices, and this narrator is no different. His Cajun accent was so painful, I thought I’d scream. Not sure author said how old Nicolas was, but narrator made him sound like a middle-age paunchy man, and Dahlia being so young, it seemed a bit gross to me.

Any additional comments?

Dahlia- at one minute she is a basket case, then this great agent in the next minute, I like Nicolas, I don’t, I want him, I don’t want him, blah blah blah More like a silly romance novel, with a bit of mystery thrown in.
So, to summarize, Whiny meets Paunchy. Ugh

Review 2: Mind Game audiobook by karen

Nicolas and Dahlia – Blend perfectly together !

Any additional comments?

This series has a little of everything – Action and Danger, Psychic abilities and a lot of Hot Romance…… At the end of Shadow Game Lily and the GhostWalkers were determined to find the other children that Lily’s father Dr Whitney had experimented on to enhance their psychic abilities. Dahlia is the first of those children that she has managed to track down but after looking at recordings of her training it seems she has a dangerous ability. Nicolas is sent to find her and let her know that they can help her to live a normal life but when he gets to her he finds she has become the target of deadly assassins. He manages to save her from their first attack but her friend has been taken hostage and Dahlia is determined to save him. She is going to need the help of Nicolas and the other GhostWalkers to rescue her friend and find out who is behind the plot to take her life.

I really enjoyed the first book in this series and Mind Game didn’t disappoint. I find the idea of an experiment to increase psychic abilities really interesting and love finding out about the different powers that the GhostWalkers have. Dahlia has a very unusual and dangerous talent which allows her to do amazing things but it comes at a very high cost to her. Constantly absorbing energy from her surroundings and the feelings of others she is easily overwhelmed and when that happens things become explosive, with Dahlia often setting fire to anything around her. Unable to control her powers she is a danger to anyone around her but Nicolas is willing to take the risk to be with her.

Dahlia has been through a lot since she was experimented on as a child, she has had no one she could rely on and has never allowed anyone to get close to her. Her dream of having a family has always seemed an unrealistic one and she has been forced to spend most of her time alone to avoid the affect that other people’s emotions have on her. Nicolas is the most cold and aloof of the GhostWalkers but Dahlia breaks down his barriers and allows his passionate side to come to the front. It takes a while for Dahlia to allow Nicolas in but it’s well worth the wait and the heat between them is literally explosive!

I enjoyed seeing more of the camaraderie between the GhostWalkers and it was sweet watching them welcome Dahlia into their family. We’ve been introduced to some more interesting characters who I’m hoping we’ll see more of in future books and I’m looking forward to finding out more about the individual GhostWalkers psychic abilities. I can’t wait to get my hands on the next book!

Review 3: Mind Game audiobook by Saturna

Interesting Concept, boring overall

This started out promising…Ghost Walkers: humans with exceptional powers of the mind. But, I struggled to finish as most of the story was revolved around Niko(Nocholas) basically forcing his attentions , physical and sexual, on a women (Dahlia) that had led a singularly solitary life. Wow, he really couldn’t control himself, Eh hem, very wrong on many levels. The narration was flat, I suppose that’s because the main narrator Niko was described as fairly expressionless and implacable …ended up sleeping and skipped through last half of the book just hoping to find something enjoyable. Alas, I did not.

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