Monster Hunter Memoirs: Sinners (Full Audiobook) by Larry Correia

It’s the second part of the Monster Hunter Memories and we see a nice coordination building up between Larry Correia and John Ringo. They have been successful in making their efforts a single unit.

Though both possess an idea of their own about the monster world but still they appear to be on the same page in the whole series. Chad Oliver comes to New Orleans this time as things go out of hand of the squad while fighting against the evil forces of that particular area. Chad no doubt has shown his potential in Monster Hunter Memoirs: Grunge but this time the things are new for him as well.

He is someone the company can rely one as he is the person who confronted a werewolf with no weapons under his sleeve. Since then he is the bounty hunter for the monster hunting team colleting what he likes the most i.e money. He during his short career has faced everything whether it is the demons clan or crocodiles that appear to be more than fifty feet in length. Things have been going well for him as he is still alive after all these confrontations with the devil’s allies.

But here the question arises can he continue in the same pattern for the rest of his life or would the retirement days be the right choice in the end.  The narration by Oliver Wyman shows tremendous maturity as compared to the previous parts and the previous series as well. The pronunciation has also become clearer as compared to the past and we can now term it as something that is picture perfect.

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