Monster Hunter Nemesis (Full Audiobook) by Larry Correia

Man with monstrous physic and super intelligence joins the hunting company and everyone around think that it is a blessing no doubt. He would easily have been gone to the monster side and would be welcomed there as well because of the muscular strength and seven feet height. From a distance Franks too appear to be a monster but thank God he is not.

Larry Correia has tried to induce a super human in the series though we see strong characters in Monster Hunter International and Monster Hunter Alpha but the physical display of raw power was never there. Frank only has one issue because of which he has made the government sign a pact with him i.e he does not want the mass production of his type of people.

Moreover no one is allowed to search for the truth behind his physical strength and his secret elixir that increased his strength. The pact is like a threat or reminder for the government that if they ignore the instructions Frank would not be on their side anymore. The corruption in the high order of the company however shatters the pact when they start producing men like Frank and after that its death they are running from.

Frank is not only a super human but the fact is that he does not die even the werewolves and monsters cannot lay a hand on him during a fight. Thus it’s a self created war that Oliver Wyman narrates this time and really brings havoc on the scenes. The fights are not technical sort as its arm wrestling time for everyone in the novel as the seven foot tall is coming.  

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