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Moth Flight’s Vision is the eighth book in the Warriors Super Edition series by author Erin Hunter.
Dawn of the Clans follows WindClan’s first medicinal cat, Moth Flight, on a quest to change the shape of warrior Clans forever.
Five new warrior clans were established and the forest was peaceful. In WindClan, a young cat is troubled by strange visions that will lead her to a fate no other cat could have predicted.

Fans have discovered the epic adventures, ferocious warrior cats and thrilling fantasy worlds of the best-selling Warrior series.

The story of Moth Flight is fascinating. The way Erin keeps track of everyone and where they belong in the epic tale of the Warriors is incredible. She has over 50 Warrior books and we’ve read most of them so we’re always looking for other Warrior stories.

This story explains some previously unexplained reasons for some of the laws in the Warriors Code. Such as why leaders are given 9’s of 9 and how that happens and why medical cats can never choose a mate. I read this story, like the rest for my cats.

  • Moth Flight’s Vision

  • Warriors Super Edition, Book 8
  • By: Erin Hunter

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