Moving Pictures/ Discworld, Book 10 – Free Full Audiobook

Moving Pictures is the 10th literary fiction book in the series by the author Terry Pratchett.
The elves inside must paint fast – on the wonderful Discworld as alchemists discover the magic of the silver screen. But what is the dark secret of the Holy Wood hill?

I grew up with a copy of this audiobook on cassette and it is a story that I have returned to time and again. Pratchett’s Discworld novels are excellently written narratives for anyone who enjoys satirical fantasy, and the stories are always blended with a fascinating commentary on a few non-fictional themes. In this book Pratchett presents an interesting take on the issues of fame, hollywood, cinema advertising, and the disconnection from reality that people can experience when watching movies.

The storyline is enthralling, greatly assisted by Nigel Planer’s narration. Planer has a wonderfully amiable style when it comes to voicing characters; each denizen of this book is amazingly well articulated. So much so in fact that many listeners may find themselves empathising with them like old friends before the end. Perhaps as a result of this, Planer also brings out the humour in the book very effectively. Even if you don’t quite laugh out loud, you’ll likely find yourself grinning at Pratchett’s well crafted satire.

I highly recommend any of Pratchett’s audiobooks, especially those voiced by Planer. Moving Pictures is a shining example of the perfect escapism you can find when the work of a brilliant author is brought to life by a master narrator. I’m sure I’ll be coming back to listen to this one again.

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